Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9-11...Five years later

Today was a sad day...I watched most of the news coverage along with the the movie "The Path to 9-11." In all, it was tough to watch but my heart always goes out to the victims' families and those who lost their lives.

I was quite productive today in terms of job searching and networking. I emailed quite a few people in the magazine business and have already heard back from a good acquaintance in Ms. Sacha Cohen. I have had two interviews since graduation and I feel more confident having a couple under my belt.

I'm looking into applying to the NBC Page Program and have been corresponding with Pat Sandora who has been a huge help. There are a few other leads I am pursuing that seem promising as well.

In all, I am slightly disappointed that I haven't made it further in this journey since graduation but I try to remind myself that everything will happen when it's supposed to. Oh, and I'll add this for Mr. Weaver's amusement...I actually considered going back to school for my teaching certificate last week, but have since decided to actively pursue a writing career instead.

That's all for now. Hopefully more exciting updates to come soon!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of July= Time to Update

Well hello hello fellow blog readers! Long time no post. I figured I was past due on a little update but sadly there is not too much excitement to speak of. I'm still job searching almost everyday, particularly on applying for as many magazine openings as I can. So far no luck but I am still looking for a reason to move to NYC, the publishing capital of the world.

I've also applied for a job in Cleveland working with Veterans Affairs. The HR guy said I should be getting an interview soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

Other than that, I'm waitressing at the Spitfire Grille, a trendy little restaraunt in South Greensburg saving up some money to move out on my own. I'm meeting a lot of people and networking as well!

My brother has me on a strict fitness/workout/lifting plan and that has been keeping my busy as well. I recently ran into Jason Mackey in a Breezewood Sheetz and it was good to see a Westminster face! I was heading back from Ocean City, Maryland for a little family get-together as my sister is working down there for the summer as a scoper.

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July and look for another update as soon as something happens! Enjoy the beach pictures.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Graduation- May 20, 2006

Graduation: Saturday, May 20th
Westminster College

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sacha Cohen: An Enterprising Freelancer

Sacha Cohen is a big name in the publishing industry. Don't get her mixed up with the ice skater (although she does receive some of her fan mail) because this Washington D.C. based writer has written for everything from AARP magazine, USA Today, the Washington Post, New York magazine, Glamour magazine, and most recently Cosmopolitan.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Sacha last week as she took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me about the business. She is most gracious and I truly appreciated her time and valuable insight into this industry. Here are some highlights from our phone conversation.

*AH- Let's start with some background, where did you go to college?
*SC- Tulane University for two years and then I transferred to the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
*AH- Were you a journalism major?
*SC- I was actually an English major. (Sacha considered switching to journalism, but already had many of the English requirements filled.)
*AH- How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
*SC- I've enjoyed writing since the age of 10 and I was good at it. It's still a thrill to see my name in print.
*AH- Did you do any internships while in college?
*SC- I actualy needed to work. (Unpaid) internships really limit you especially if you can't afford to work for free. They are also incredibly competitive. People who know people get internships.
*AH- Where did you start after college?
*SC- I started out as an editorial assistant for a trade publication in Chicago. I wrote about furniture and woodworking.

*AH- When did you get your first big break?
*SC- I decided to go freelance in 1999, I joined the National Press Club. I wrote a column about shopping online. I was writing for the web and I got in very early during the dot com boom. Mostly I wrote about business and technology. Now I'm writing more about lifestyle, food and travel; things that really interest me.
*AH- What is your favorite thing about your job (as a freelancer)?
*SC- I really love the research, finding cool and interesting topics and being on the forefront of trends. I also enjoy working for myself and being a part of the media and seeing what doors will open.
*AH- What's your least favorite part?
*SC- Interviewing! Well, really the anticipation of it. 99% of the time people are really nice but once in awhile people are really demanding.
*AH- What was the story that was your favorite, or that you were most proud of writing?
*SC- An essay I wrote for the Washington Post. It was about libraries. I got to write something about me. I'd like to write more personal essays if I had more time.

My conversation with Sacha gave me a lot of confidence and I plan on taking some good advice she offered me. I feel like my dream of working for Cosmopolitan magazine will one day be within my reach.

Look for Sacha Cohen in a magazine near you! Check out her website <> for more information.

Monday, May 01, 2006

More Interning Pictures from Views & Voices

Capstone Presentation Reflection

Last week in broadcasting was pretty nuts. In between preparing for my capstone presentation, I had my weekly morning show with Poodle (our last one of the year is on Tuesday, May 2nd- be sure to tune in!), I did the 4 & 5 news on Thursday, I had assignments due for my internship and I also had my Features page for the Holcad. In all, it was a pretty busy week but I feel like I accomplished a lot.

As for my capstone presentation, I think I did pretty well. Presentations make me very nervous and I've always had a fear of speaking in front of large groups since I was young. It figures that I can do live TV and radio and I get nervous talking in front of people! I practiced my presentation a few times and I think that helped me a lot. I was the second person to go and right as Alana Schuring was finishing up her presentation, my roommate tapped me on the shoulder and announced that my parents had surprised me and showed up. This threw me off a little bit, as the thought of them being there made me even more nervous! I tried to throw some humor in at the beginning to calm down a bit. As the presentation went on, I felt like I got better and better. I discussed everything from my radio news experience to working with the Holcad and finally my internship success. I played my radio news resume tape and I think it turned out well. My senior project was to create a multimedia story involving television and print. Carol Novosel of Sharon was my featured person and I showed my internship article featuring her Ukrainian egg decorating and the television package which focused more on her heritage and family ties. I received a lot of good feedback from people about the two.

In all, I think my presentation went very well. My parents were really impressed at all I have accomplished and I heard positive feedback from some of the students as well. I wish I could do my presentation over again and make a few small improvements, but that can't happen. I did the best I could and I should be satisfied with that. My parents were also pleased to see me wearing one of my Christmas presents, my suit from Express!

Just a quick update- I called CosmoGIRL! and left a message for Lori Segal about a possible internship and I look forward to possibly hearing back from her. I also tried to make contact with Sacha Cohen, a freelance writer who has written for Cosmopolitan magazine. I wish I had more of an idea of what I'm doing after May 20th, but I guess that's all part of the journey. Not knowing what's going to happen next and being Ok with that...I'm working on that right now.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Internship Pictures- Views & Voices magazine

I love working at V & V!

Just a few pictures from Mrs. Ticklemore's Tearoom

Mrs. Ticklemore's Tearoom, Akron OH
My 2nd Out & About with Amanda- May edition of Views and Voices magazine

Job Searching = Stress

My Holcad article for this week talked a lot about the persistent question I've been getting lately, "So do you have a job yet?" I've realized that I'm stressing myself out trying to fit job searching, resume and cover letter writing and networking into my full time schedule. I haven't heard back from CosmoGIRL! as of yet, and Jackie Meade from the Career Center told me to give them a call sometime this week and check the progress of my resume and e-portfolio application. She also gave me some contact information from the Pittsburgh Magazine, so my goal is to send stuff out to them by the end of next week as well. While I am stressed out looking for a job, it makes me feel a little bit better to know that most seniors don't know exactly what they're doing after graduation.

My capstone presentation is Tuesday, April 25th and I'm really excited to showcase my work and see how far I've progressed in the last four years. While home over Easter break, I found some of my old high school yearbooks and magazines that I used to work on and it made me realize how I've truly come full circle. In high school my passion was writing and I was involved with the newspaper, the magazine and the yearbook. Upon coming to Westminster, my goal was to be a talk show host. After dabbling a bit in radio, radio news, and TV, I came back to writing. I feel well-rounded in that I tried a bit of everything and I know how to do so much more than just write. I feel like this makes me very marketable entering the work force.

That's it for now, stop by my capstone presentation Tuesday the 25th at 5:45 p.m. in order to hear more about my journey...

Interning April 20th

Today was another good day at my internship. Things started off with some simple assignments like updating our growing list of email addresses. In the afternoon I worked with David Odem updating the content of our website and putting the May edition online. Check it out at

My favorite thing I did today was interview Fred Zaidan, owner of Thunder Harley Davidson about the growing number of lady riders, particularly in our local area. My interview with him was really interesting and his responses were not at all what I expected. I'm excited to heard feedback from Sherris and to see where the story is going from here (it's in the June edition). Also, the May edition of V & V is coming out April 26th and I'm excited to get feedback about my Out & About at Mrs. Ticklemore's Tearoom in Akron, OH.

In all it was a good day. Only two more weeks to go!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Internship Journal- April 12

Today was a really fun day at my internship. Sherris picked me up around 10:30 a.m. and from then on it was running around doing errands in order to help out Andrea Peters, the organizer of the "Evening for Women" held at Tiffany's. This event is the largest organized event for women in our area; over 500 business women were in attendance. Sherris and I picked up candles, matches and made some advertising contacts along the way. The Quaker Steak & Lube is having a Lubefest in September, and they may be teaming up with V & V because we are having a women's business expo in September as well.
Back in the office, I updated our mailing list and I was surprised to see so many reader's responses to the Ukrainian egg decorating story. So many readers said they loved the story and found it really interesting. This really encouraged me and it was great to see so many positive responses to the story.
Around 5 o'clock we headed over to Tiffany's. We set up our booth/table and started to sell cookies that were donated by Eileen Magnotto of Shop & Save, a breast cancer survivor. All of the money we raised was donated back to the event (which supported the Mary Kay Ash Foundation and our local chapter of AWARE). I was so happy at all of the positive feedback we received about the magazine from so many of the women in attendance. Everyone kept commenting about how much they love the magazine and how it keeps getting better with each issue. All of the positive feedback really was encouraging and reinforced how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to work with such a great department.
The Evening for Women featured Chinese auctions, silent auctions, dinner and champagne. After dinner, an interesting fashion show took place. At one point Sherris was laughing so hard that tears were running down her face. I believe it was the song "Freeze Frame" in which one of the models ran down the runway full speed and started swinging a prop around her neck; it was pretty hysterical.
Although no one from our table won a door prize or something from the Chinese auction, the great company more than made up for it.
In the end, although it wasn't much of an "office day" at V & V, it was by far my favorite day interning so far. We were out in the public and making contacts, and that's exactly what a successful magazine needs to do.
That's it for now...look for more updates soon!